British and Irish government securities.

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gilts gilts [gɪlts] noun [plural]
FINANCE British government bonds sold by the Bank of England, done to finance the British national debt:

• Gilts fell sharply despite continued firmness in the pound.

ˌindex-linked ˈgilts FINANCE
gilts whose value is linked to the Retail Price Index (= the general level of prices):

• Despite being linked to the RPI, index-linked gilts are subject to a six-month delay in indexation, which means that the bond is not inflation-protected for the last six months of its life.

irreˌdeemable ˈgilts FINANCE
another name for undated gilts
ˌlong ˈgilts also ˌlong-term ˈgilts FINANCE
gilts with a maturity (= repayment date) more than 15 years in the future; = LONGS:

• The Bank is worried about refinancing short-term debt and will not, therefore, stop issuing long-term gilts.

ˌmedium-term ˈgilts FINANCE
gilts with a maturity (= repayment date) between five and 15 years in the future:

• Confidence in the future of the economy has pushed down yields on medium-term gilts.

ˌshort-term ˈgilts FINANCE
gilts with a maturity (= repayment date) less than seven years in the future; = SHORTS:

• A cut in interest rates makes short-term gilts an attractive buy because of their fixed interest payments.

unˌdated ˈgilts FINANCE
gilts with no maturity date (= repayment date) that will go on paying interest for ever
ˌvariable rate ˈgilts FINANCE
gilts with an interest rate that changes during their life, linked to general market interest rates:

• The UK government has issued floating rate notes under the name of variable-rate gilts.

— see also repo1

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gilts UK US /ɡɪlts/ noun [plural] (also gilt-edged securities, also gilt-edged stocks, also gilt stocks) FINANCE
bonds that are sold by the British government: »

Managed funds have a wide range of investments, including gilts.


Gilt stocks

See also IRREDEEMABLE GILTS(Cf. irredeemable gilts), LONG-TERM GILTS(Cf. ↑long-term gilts), MEDIUM-TERM GILTS(Cf. ↑medium-term gilts), SHORT-TERM GILTS(Cf. ↑short-term gilts), UNDATED GILTS(Cf. ↑undated gilts), VARIABLE-RATE GILTS(Cf. ↑variable-rate gilts)

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